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Hose Double Layer (EVA-Polymer) 8mm (5mm inner)

Hose Double Layer (EVA-Polymer) 8mm (5mm inner)

8 mm (5/16") double walled tubing EVA outer wall and an inner proprietary polymer barrier. 5mm (13/64") inner diameter and 8mm (5/16") outer diameter. Fits Kegland and Duotight 8mm products.Pressure Rating (with 1.5 safety factor)30 grader Celcius - 1.4 MPa (200psi) = ca 13 bar50 grader Celcius - 0.7MPa (100psi) = ca 6,5 barPlease Note: Sold per meter, so if you choose 2 in the select box you will get 2 meters of hose. Measurements may differ circa +/- 10mm.