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Keg kit Cornelius Keg 18L Ball-Lock (Used)

Keg kit Cornelius Keg 18L Ball-Lock (Used)

A complete barrel kit with gas bottle included. The kit contains the following products: - 18L Cornelius barrel (used )Cornelius barrel 18 liters (5 gallons) with ball cap and protective rubber around the ball joints and at the bottom. High quality from Italy. Materials: Stainless steel and rubber. NOTE! Used barrels. The barrels are in very good condition, washed. Supplied pressurized. Minor signs of use may be present. There may be a mark on the barrel and the rubber in the handle may be a little dry and in some cases slightly discolored (rubber care agent or vinyl gloss can remedy this).Height: approx. 565 mm Diameter: approx. 232 mm Weight: approx. 4.5 kg - Regulator for Sodastream bottleRegulator that fits sodastream bottles. Pushfit adaptor for the hose (3/8"). We recommend the use of a non-return valve to prevent liquid in the regulator.- Carbohydrate cartridge (filled)One trapezoidal threaded carbonation cartridge in a small and handy format that can be used both to carbonate your beer and to make sparkling water. A filled 425g cartridge can carbonate between 60-80L of Beer. (NOTE! Bottle color is random)- 1m 3/8 PE hose Pe-slang is a rigid hose that is perfect for beverage and gas handling and is more or less a standard in the catering industry.- 2m Sewing thread kitThis is a kit that contains the entire beer side of a cornelius keg - everything from k ul connection to tap Picnic - a so-called sewing thread shit. The long and narrow hose (2 meter long) provides a strong pressure drop that allows you to tap properly carbonated beer without it foaming too much. This type of hose is often called restrictor hose or sewing thread hose. Delivered pre-assembled. Color and appearance may vary.- Threaded ball coupling for gas (white/grey)Self-closing quick coupling for cornelius kegs with ball socket. White/grey coupling that fits the barrel valve for gas. Thread: 1/4" MFL (equivalent to 7/16" UNF).- Fluidfit threaded quick coupling FluidFit® HCF-UNF quick coupling (so-called pushfit) Coupling with internal thread UNF that fits on threaded ball coupling for barrels.