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Better Brew Brewing Sugar 1kg

Better Brew Brewing Sugar 1kg

Brewing sugar ferments cleaner and faster than regular granulated sugar and dissolves better. Perfect for increasing the alcohol content of beer, wine and cider. When used in beer, the beer will be drier than when brewing with malt alone. In saison beer, for example, it is common to add 5-10% sugar to make the beer drier.Better Brew Brewing sugar 1kgBrewing Sugar is the commercial name for Dextrose (glucose, grape sugar).Use- Can be advantageously used to carbonate beer, dose 5-10g per liter of beer depending on the desired carbonation level.- For 10 liters of beer, 1kg of brewing sugar increases the Specific Gravity (SG) by about 1.038, this corresponds to about 5% alcohol at full fermentation. Add to the wort and mix well.

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